About Us

N N Developers

Our vision is to create an eco-friendly living environment, providing the best quality of homes, excellent customer service and elevating the standard of living of fellow beings of our country and across the globe test.

With Strong in house team of architects, we strive to reach the core of perfection in our designs. Various brainstorming sessions, during the concept design, design verification and validation process.

Areas of process improvements are identified by our engineers through brainstorming and benchmarking best building practices followed by construction companies across the global. We believe in providing affordable luxury. Valentine Residency has always been a leader in the market and we strive to continue to be the leaders and a pioneer in the real estate scenario, setting benchmarks and being a point of inspiration to others.

We at Valentine Residency strive to enhance the quality of our customers’ experience by providing each of them their dream home with clear title, timely delivery and without cost escalations.

Our key objectives have also been to continuously broaden the base of our operating portfolio and enhance our order book, thus opening new avenues to growth and profitability. We have also developed an appropriate blend of professionals, constantly thinking and executing innovative and cost effective solutions to every client’s requirements.